Nicole Delger
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MY Approach: Fewer, Smarter


Let’s cut your list of marketing to-dos down. Way down.  

I start by asking better questions and building a marketing program around you—your business, your goals, and your vision.

Once you’re clear on where you want to go, I ask, “How can you have the greatest impact with the smallest amount of resources?” The answer provides the foundation of your marketing strategy.

I call it minimum viable marketing.

Minimum viable marketing isn’t about cutting corners or being cheap. It’s about investing in the right kind of marketing tool at the right time to reach your goals and grow your business. It’s about creating a strong foundation and then slowly testing, learning, and adjusting before you make major investments in your marketing mix.

So if you’re worried that you’re not on Facebook, or need a brand video, or don’t have Yelp reviews … relax. We’ll work together to make a plan for what you need now, what you can add in later, and what you may not even need at all. We’ll also learn, adjust, and improve at every step along the way.


MY Process: Clear, Cohesive


Intake + Audit

Get to know you, your goals, and what you want to accomplish.


Planning + Strategy

Make a smart plan based on your goals.


Execution + Maintenance

Determine the projects and assemble the right team to help you get it done from start to finish—and beyond.


MY Team: Independent, Flexible


I serve clients whose needs don’t quite fit the agency model. My clients either have a need for project work (like a website, marketing strategy, or brand video) or have a need for ongoing support that fluctuates month to month (like copywriting, social media marketing, or public relations).   

My clients want flexibility but still want to do top-notch work.

As the project lead on my accounts, I have a smart, savvy team helping me get the job done. My team consists of highly skilled, independent contractors, “Indies” who work from home whom I select to work with my clients on a project-by-project basis.

Each of my Indies is thoroughly vetted with extensive experience and most have left the agency lifestyle because they desire more flexibility and autonomy. These are people like producers, publicists, photographers, videographers, copywriters, and social media managers. They know what it’s like to work hard and get things done efficiently and effectively.   

My team wants flexibility but still craves doing the creative work they love.


The Results: Win-Win


Highly skilled talent is paired with smart, eager business owners. We learn your business inside and out, and you can use the right team member as needed, whether that’s project, hourly, or retainer. Because the team operates under one defined strategy and plan, but our clients only use resources and team members as they are needed, we create efficiencies and savings while still giving you access to top-notch talent.