The Marketing Audit  

Are you looking ahead to 2018 and want to be smarter, more strategic, and achieve better results with your marketing? Then start with my in-depth Marketing Audit.

I'll ask you a thousand questions (ok, ok, 38 questions) that will help you articulate how you want your business to grow so that you can make a better plan for how to accomplish it.   

I offer two options with the Marketing Audit: Free and Paid.  

Free Version:

Simply take the Marketing Audit Survey (located here) and at the end you can tell me the best time to reach you for a complimentary* 20-minute call to go over some of your answers. On this call I'll share some of my recommendations for improving your business marketing based on your answers.

After you complete the survey, but before you hit submit, if you change your mind and want to do a longer, paid session with me you can indicate that by selecting it when asked on one of the final questions of the marketing audit survey. Read on for more details about a work session with yours truly.

* Free while supplies last. I plan to schedule 10 sessions until my schedule gets packed. So don't delay!  

Get marketing clarity, finally! 

Here’s my not-so-secret-secret: The hardest part of marketing isn’t knowing what to do, it’s knowing what to do first, what to do next, and what to stop doing all together.

Yup. You read that right: stop doing unecessary things.

Think about the list of what you could be doing: Facebook ads? Google Search? Direct Mail? Public Relations? Email Newsletter? Website Refresh? Pinterest? Instagram?

The list of what you could be doing goes on forever, but my hunch is that you don't feel like you have time for any of it. 

What if you knew what you need to do now, what you should plan to do soon, and what you can stop worrying about and set it aside for later?

Now that’s clarity.

How it works

A Marketing Audit with me is a complete look at your current marketing efforts and a deep-dive into the ultimate goals you want to create. Together, we review what you’re doing and then we craft a plan to get there, step-by-step.

The 4-part Marketing Audit consists of:

  1. A 30-minute phone call where you tell me more about yourself and your business.

  2. A comprehensive marketing audit in the form of an online intake form (similar to a survey). Click here to take the survey

  3. We then have a 90-minute in-person meeting (or 1:1 phone call) to review your answers and talk about ideas. 

  4. I’ll wrap our time together with a follow-up email that includes comprehensive notes and feedback about what we discussed, as well as my recommendations for your next steps.

Ready to take the plunge? A marketing audit is a flat-rate of $399. Email me to get started.