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A Brand vs. Branding

I often get new client inquiries for help with branding. But depending on the business, that can be a tall order.

There is a brand, and there is branding.

One is a noun, and one is a verb.

But the funny thing is that when it comes to what defines a brand and what defines your branding, the noun and the verb are switched.

Branding is defined by things like a logo, look and feel, your website copy, and all the visual details that go into the creative that makes up your brand. It sends out a vibe, but it’s made up of a bunch of small little things.

A brand is defined by your actions. How do you serve your customer? What interesting service do you offer? How do you approach relationships with business partners and vendors? A brand is defined by your actions.

Nina Kaufman, my Brand Strong business partner, put it best in our latest work session,

“You can’t pick your nickname.”

When it comes to what makes your brand, it’s all about what you do. The label—the reputation and word on the street that develops out of that—is the brand you’re building.

The challenge to you? Don’t get so lost on what your creative says about your brand that you forget about what really matters: the value that you bring to your clients, the quality of goods and services you offer, and the commitment you bring to becoming the best in the world at what you do.