How to Get Press Coverage

Whenever someone comes to me and wants press coverage for a project, launch, or offering - I like to ask, “What’s the hook?” You know, what makes you interesting that people would want to read about you... you know hook them in. That’s a great place to start when you want to craft and pitch a story.

Here are just a few critical categories to think about when trying to find your own hook. 

Local Stories – If you’re a small business, stories about growth, distribution, hiring, grand openings, local grants all make for good local stories. When using this hook, think about how the community has played a role in your business. 

Pop Culture & Seasonal – What is going on in popular culture? Something like the Olympics or Summer Music Festivals could be an interesting tie-in to your brand. Is it a holiday? Seasonal, such as back to school? These kinds of topics are covered year after year, so be sure to think of new and fresh ideas that haven’t been covered. 

Expert Opinion – You, yes you, are an expert at what you do! Sign up for a free site like Help A Reporter Out and get connected to journalists looking for experts. Tip: The emails are a little overwhelming to sort through – so send them to a special folder so they don’t clog your inbox. Also, HARO has rules and best practices, so read up before diving in!

Business or Trade Trends – What is going on in the business world that ties in to your brand? American Made? A new style emerging? A new service industry that has never existed? You can even find a few other brands to include in your pitch. (Go on, Share the love!)

Philanthropic Partnership Or Charity Events – Charitable partnerships are an interesting way to make headlines or remind your customers that your business is invested in the community. (Not to mention, it spreads awareness for the charity you support, too.)

This list is by no means exhaustive. These are just a few places to start when looking for a hook. Be smart, get creative, and try to look at your brand through a fresh perspective. Pull out a pen and paper and write down 5 things that would be interesting to someone who has never seen your brand before. You may even surprise yourself.

Want advanced advice on finding a hook? Check out my crowdfunding book - in the back there is tons of great advice for crowdfunding campaigns that can apply to any business launch. 

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