How to not give in to Other People's "great" Advice

Ever notice people love to tell you their great ideas for what you should be doing with your business?

Artists and designers, how many times have you heard:
You should really get that in to galleries, it’d sell!
You should sell that online. I mean, just produce a couple hundred. They’d go like hot cakes!
I love your work. You should do a children’s book!

I used to have a friend that was a great cook. “People keep telling me I should open my own restaurant” she once said. I remained silent, although "she's got to be out of her mind" did ring in my head pretty loudly.

Cooking a delicious meal and opening a restaurant are two completely different skills. There is a big difference between making a product and selling a product. And when you're not clear on that early on in your business, you're facing a world of hurt.

That's why when friends are pushing their great advice for your business, I say, hit them with Business Jujutsu.


"Jujutsu: Manipulating the opponent's force against himself rather than confronting it with one's own force"

When people start dishing it out - put it right back on them. Either doors will open, or doors will shut. But one thing is for certain, you won't be chasing the vision of success that some else has for you!

You should really get that in to galleries, it’d sell! Know any gallery owners you could introduce me to?
You should sell that online. Know anyone that is interesting in buying _____?
I love your work. You should do a children’s book! Know any Caldecott Medalists looking for illustrators?
This is so tasty, you should open a restaurant! Know any investors willing to take a risk on a chef like me?

Of course, great ideas can come from anywhere and sometimes friends have good advice. But unless you hit them with Jujutsu, you'll never know if the advice came from a solid source or someone with no idea what they are talking about.