How to put passion in your Crowdfunding Campaign

In The New York Times article, Why In The World Would You Ever Give Money Through Kickstarter?, Rob Trump writes about economist Lewis Hyde. He states:

“In 1983, Lewis Hyde, another writer inspired by gift economies, published ‘The Gift,’ an examination of the nature of the creative impulse and its relationship to the market economy. Hyde…argued that artistic creation is propelled by eros, or love, rather than the logos of number­crunching, and as such it is incapable of being subsumed by the market. Even if art is sold, the forces that led to its existence operate according to the need to share something with the world.”

This passage has much to teach us about the emotional element of preparing your own crowdfunding campaign. Because the desire to make something is driven by love, not the market, you have to ask yourself where is the love in your project?

Crowdfunding is not a strictly economic platform. You’re trading money for a perk, launching a business, and creating community. And this also has huge implications for the art of the ask. Here are four questions that will help inspire your passion:

- Have you done an inventory of your ideal audience and thought about the community you’re building and the passion points you’re touching on in video and communication materials?

- As you’re preparing for your crowdfunding campaign, have you tapped into the pure, passionate place that you’re creating from?

- How are you going to continue the vision for what you’re creating after the campaign wraps?

- Are your backer perks swag, or do they hold the same kind of passion and value in their creation as they do in the product itself?

As you plan, just remember that the love and the passion should be in step with the smart financial decisions that you’re making for launching and planning your perks, video, and overall campaign. Be a giver, be a lover, and go out and make your dream come true!

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Nicole Delger