How to Write a Great Thank You Note

Showing appreciation towards your customer is an integral part of doing business and being a great communicator.

I am a firm believer that handwritten thank you notes haven’t gone out of style, and it is the preferred option. However, with our fast-paced culture, an email does the trick as well. Effective thank you notes are short, sweet, and to the point.

If you’re the type often at a loss for words, here is easy script you can use:

Subject: Thanks!


It was awesome working with you (this past week, last Wednesday, yesterday), and I hope my (service/product) has met and exceeded your expectations!

I enjoyed our conversation about (reference a specific topic of conversation to make this note personable, maybe throw in a why / how you’ll put it to use / how it made you laugh…). I loved getting to know more about your…(detail).

Have a wonderful day, and I hope we can work together (again soon, or mention a specific detail about an opportunity).


(Your Name and be sure to include links to website/social media in your signature).

Of course, scripts don't work for everything, so here are a few points to remember:

• The thank you note doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does need to be genuine. It’s about stopping in your business day to make time for someone else. (Which is why the personal letter in the mail always helps emphasize that extra effort!).

• Thanking clients shouldn’t come with any strings attached. The gesture will help plant the seeds for them to return to you for their future purchases, recommend you to a friend, or give a testimonial.

Thank You Note feel like too much? Here are some other ways of showing gratitude: 

• A personalized tweet/Facebook post thanking your customer for their business (and even plugging theirs to your followers). Paying it forward and promoting them in return is always appreciated. “Loved working with _____ yesterday. If you’re looking for a smart, talented ____, she’s the real deal!”

• Offer discounts or an incentive program for frequent customers. These programs encourage loyalty and an incentive for customers to purchase from your business again.

Have your own tips on writing great thank you notes? Leave a comment below! 

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