Lessons learned selling on Fab.com

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Last month Tim and I partnered with Fab.com to sell Tim's unique line of Street Sign Furniture.

Partnering with Fab was a great experience, and for those who have a unique product like Tim, the ability to reach the millions of Fab.com customers was just what we needed to reach the right consumer through a platform and service provider they trusted.

Below are my tips to those looking to partner with a flash sales:

1. Be smart about your pricing. We deeply discounted each piece, hoping that some of our larger pieces would make up for any of the small margins on our "loss leader" designs. Ask yourself, what is the best deal I can provide a partner without effecting my bottom line? Do you ever notice some of those flash sales don't really feel like deals? People aren't dumb! Provide real value and get a real return.

2. They pay for shipping, but considering handling wisely. Remember, you can add a handling fee if there are real costs associated with packaging. We learned the hard way that boxing and crating the pieces costs more than our requested $25 fee. Don't let that happen to you!

3. Have great photography. Not only does it allow consumers to see and make an informed purchase decision, it also benefits you in other ways. Did you know that Tim dominates Google image search for Street Sign Furniture? If you have an unusual or cool product, be sure to also have a gallery on Flickr of high resolution images that are labeled, tagged, and easily available for bloggers and reporters to link to. A site like Fab will generate lots of traffic and attention, so be ready to jump on it by having press materials and product images easily available. You'll benefit from it well after your big sale.

4. Become a Fab employee in the days after your sale. Fulfillment is time consuming. There are shipping slips, order numbers, tracking numbers, bulk uploads, timing - you name it. Once your sale goes live, have your schedule clear so that you can get the product out the door. Fab is known for their amazing customer service. Once your sale goes live, you become an extension of that. Be available and hard at work to ensure a site like Fab delivers on their brand promise. It makes for great relationships and good business karma.

DesignNicole Delger