Put Pants On (and other advice for Networking)

I love my clients. But like the most of us, I’d love more of them. 

But when I hear the term “networking” it doesn’t resonate with my happy place. Don’t you just flash on an awkward event at a bar where you’re either standing there alone or totally trapped in a conversation that is snores-ville? Not so appealing when the alternative is being at home in your jammies. (Or better yet, no pants at all!).

So for me, “put on your pants” is a motto for getting out of my comfort zone and networking. So here is my list of things I need to do in order to be building my business.

Feel free to borrow it for yourself or comment below to add your own ideas. Ideally, I do one of each of these every week. Super top secret tip? Schedule, schedule, schedule. Work these in to your daily schedule like it is a client meeting.

GET OUT: Also known as, put pants on. Here are ideas for places to make real-world networking connections:

Attend a live event:
Speakers / seminars / panels (as a participant or an attendee)
Industry event like a happy hour / grand opening / launch / party)

Attend a group event:
Working from a co-working space
Join a business networking group (Hesitant to join? Ask to be a guest speaker)
Participate in a workshop
Host the kind of event you want to attend (Don’t wait for it to come to you!)

Attend a 1:1 outing (and work off a custom list of folks you want to meet)
Networking Call
Lunch Outing

GET CONNECTED: While getting out is important, here are some fun ways to connect with your network that are easy and make a difference, too. (Pants optional!):

  • Comment on a blog or forum (engage in online conversation)
  • Send a handwritten note (thinking of you, congrats, whatever)
  • Email someone you haven’t talked to in a while (I made sure to send a personal note to everyone I received a Christmas card from. A great reason to reach back out to those you love and want to connect with.)
  • Send a thank you (there is always someone, somewhere you should thank for something)
  • Share something a peer is promoting that your audience will like (pin, retweet, repost, facebook).
  • Call an old peer or friend (I know, shocker, an actual phone call)

Have your own ideas or tips for connecting with your network? Feel free to comment!