Crowdfunding? Start Here. 

In 2013 I wrote Get Funded, a kick-ass plan for running a successful crowdfunding campaign. I sold a digital version for $10 along with a kit for $40. (It’s also available on Amazon, should you want it on Kindle or a hard copy.)

Now—I’m giving it away. You can get my entire book and kit FREE. The guide is so good that in a side-by-side comparison to the six leading free resources on the web, called it, "the most comprehensive free resource available to crowdfunding campaign owners" available. 

It makes me SO darn happy thinking about how this free guide helps bring creative business owners closer to their dreams, and I am excited to now be part of your journey! Almost every day a new non-profit, entrepreneur, and big dreamer will get their hands on a guide.

So what are you waiting for?! Just hop on my mailing list, and I'll deliver it to your inbox. 


The download includes:

  • GET FUNDED guide as both a printable version and a tablet version

  • Checklist for printing and knocking out each step of your campaign

  • "Ws" worksheet for getting clear on your campaign messaging

  • How-to for writing a basic press release and pitch email about the campaign

  • Links to additional articles and resources

  • How-to for writing a press release if you’re hosting an event

  • A real-life example of a press release

  • Script example to help jumpstart your campaign video

  • Sample timeline mapped out against a 3-month planning period (both as a Word doc and Excel file for assigning team members to specific tasks)

  • Goal calculator that can be used and modified based on your needs

  • Tracker for when you research and make notes on other crowdfunding campaigns

  • Template for calculating campaign rewards/perks/incentives

  • Content calendar tracker

  • A template for tracking media outreach and pitching