Get Funded

crowdfunding? Start Here. 

In 2013 I wrote Get Funded, a kick-ass plan for running a successful crowdfunding campaign. I sold a digital version for $10 along with a kit for $40. (It’s also available on Amazon, should you want it on Kindle or a hard copy.)

Today—I’m giving it away. You can get my entire book and kit FREE. It includes:

  • GET FUNDED guide as both a printable version and an iPad version
  • Checklist for printing and knocking out each step of your campaign
  • "Ws" worksheet for getting clear on your campaign messaging
  • How-to for writing a basic press release and pitch email about the campaign
  • Links to additional articles and resources
  • How-to for writing a press release if you’re hosting an event
  • A real-life example of a press release
  • Script example to help jumpstart your campaign video
  • Sample timeline mapped out against a 3-month planning period (both as a Word doc and Excel file for assigning team members to specific tasks)
  • Goal calculator that can be used and modified based on your needs
  • Tracker for when you research and make notes on other crowdfunding campaigns
  • Template for calculating campaign rewards/perks/incentives
  • Content calendar tracker
  • A template for tracking media outreach and pitching


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You will hear from me from time to time about Studio Delger’s latest project or details on the launch of Brand Strong’s enrollment. But that’s about it. I don’t spam, and I would never share your email. You’ll receive the download link for the kit (a zip file) in your confirmation email.