Photo Credit: Sarah Deragon,  Portraits to the People

Photo Credit: Sarah Deragon, Portraits to the People

If you're looking for a list of accomplishments—I'm happy to indulge. 

I have a wide range of experience, including social media, internal communications, digital marketing, public relations, advertising, production, strategy, and crowdfunding planning and management.

Professionally I've done everything from manage the production of a 4-part film series for the international brand Dremel, to manage the marketing plan for a locally owned bakery that saw a boom in business after getting distribution in nearly 20 Whole Foods locations almost overnight, to help steward the revamp of a non-profit's website, and many projects in between.

Prior to going into business for myself in 2011, I cut my teeth at GSD&M, a large ad agency in Austin, TX, where I spent five years as the agency's internal communications manager. I went on to Rolling Stone Magazine in Los Angeles where I was the West Coast marketing manager for I then freelanced at the international crisis agency the David House, where I learned the intricacies of working on truly high stakes human rights campaigns.   

In my own life, I live and breathe creative living with my husband Tim, calling our collaborative projects Studio Delger. We've launched a line of furniture, made the news when we disrupted the design industry with a silly little website, and a produced 9-month-long art project (no, not including our daughters).

All of these experiences have shaped my path and how I have been able to work with clients and agencies. While each initiative requires different skills and tactics, they all share one common theme: helping my clients find ways to connect with their customers so they move beyond the sale and become lifelong fans, friends, and champions of your brand. 

A Nashville native, I've lived in all the best cities in the world — Austin, LA, SF, Oakland — but I couldn't be happier than I am now living and working in Nashville, TN with my husband and two young daughters.