Free Eric Volz

In November 2006 I led the online effort to “Free Eric V”, a young man wrongfully imprisoned in Nicaragua. His case received coverage on NPR, The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, Primetime Live, and in People Magazine.

By keeping the online community engaged through news updates and messages directly from Eric and his family, the case became a movement with thousands of supporters around the world. It was an emotional year-long journey that ended in December of 2007 with Eric’s release. He tells his story in the book, Gringo Nightmare, published in April 2010.

My work on the case earned two awards – OMMA Magazine’s “Rising Star” and Austin Ad Fed’s “Up and Comer” of 2007.

Eric, who went on to become a prominent speaker, leader, and consultant in the wrongful imprisonment community, officially founded The David House Agency in 2011. Supporting the team that launched the agency, I was able to apply my experience, strategic thinking, and communications skills to serve others facing wrongful imprisonment abroad. 

Nicole Delger