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Working with Dr. Jami Grich was one of my largest projects to date. Working with my husband, Tim, we created an entirely new brand identity including a new logo, fonts, colors, tagline, business cards, brochures, and website. 

The custom-designed site was built on WordPress, as that offered an alternative to Squarespace that allowed for more customization. On the site itself, we wanted to include in-depth information about receiving services from Jami (which includes private therapy, workshops, and various methodologies), while also not overwhelming a potential client learning about her for the first time. We worked hard to create clear but informative copywriting. This helped improve the SEO and share with clients some of the techniques she used as a therapist.

As a result, you see a clean site that is still packed with helpful information for her clients. The site’s layout also allows us to easily build temporary pages—such as workshop sign-ups—to support Jami’s thriving practice. 

Jami's logo and tagline

Jami's logo and tagline

Iconic imagery from the site

Iconic imagery from the site

Nicole worked with me to create a brand that truly reflected me and my work. First, she talked with me in depth about what I’m passionate about and what makes my work different, and from there we created a theme that was reflected in my logo, my tagline, and on my website and printed marketing materials.

For me, as a couples therapist, it was about teaching couples both passion and peace...so my logo has roses (passion) and an olive branch (peace), and my tagline is Keep the Passion, Find Your Peace. This summarizes my work in a way I could never have come up with!

Nicole had me create a Pinterest board so she could see what styles and colors felt right to me, and my logo even incorporated the idea that I wanted to present myself as both easily accessible, warm, open, and highly professional/educated with my first name in casual script and my last name/credentials in block letters...brilliant! The logo was developed by her husband, which was great because Nicole managed the whole project and brought in and managed additional people in when needed, each with their own expertise.

She was great with regard to the money, always letting me know where my money was spent and checking in with me before proceeding. She also worked at my pace, making things happen quickly when I needed that, and being patient with me when I disappeared for long stretches of time. She’s super easy to work with & highly professional. Five stars!
— Jami Grich, PhD
Nicole Delger