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View a complete body of work at

View a complete body of work at

Musgrave Pencil Company is a family-owned, 100-year-old pencil factory located in Shelbyville, Tennessee. Over the past year-and-a-half, I have helped oversee a full rebrand, launch a new website, and manage their ongoing marketing and social media strategy. Tim has provided the lead creative direction, graphic design, and photography.

The backstory:

When Harper, my day-to-day client, first reached out to me for a proposal in April 2018, I almost burst with excitement when I saw the email come through. The possibility of rebranding a pencil factory?!

I showed Tim my initial email response prior to sending, and it was so full of exclamation points he said, “You may want to seem like you’ve received a new client inquiry before.” I quickly edited a more buttoned-up response, which only included two exclamation points.

Studio Delger originally signed for a six-month project where we’d manage a full rebrand, design a new website, and produce a slew of marketing assets working with a professional photographer.  After our contract ended for the initial rebrand, we signed on for another year of ongoing marketing management, including developing custom features on their website, social media management, brand partnerships, search engine optimization, and Amazon Selling.

Working with Musgrave has continued to be a creative joy, and my enthusiasm hasn’t changed since that first exclamation-riddled email draft. Getting to know their approach to business and the company’s rich history in Middle Tennessee has made them feel like a once-in-a-lifetime client. The magic hasn’t worn off, and I still get excited talking to people about how cool it is to work with a pencil factory!

You can see a selection of work below and the full rebrand on and see a gallery of select branding elements below:


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