Solo Cup


Brand campaign  

Graphic DESIGN

Graphic Design Solo Cup

SOLO Cup approached Studio Delger to create an ad campaign that highlighted the fun-loving personality of the brand with the iconic red cup everyone knows. The results were a creative, playful series of original illustrations and humorous taglines.

My role spanned the spectrum from account management, to project manager, print producers, and copywriter. In addition to helping oversee and write copy on these ads, I wrote social copy for the posts that rolled them out to fans.

Graphic Design and Copywriting


For a separate SOLO initiative, I also oversaw the production of a two-minute brand video created for the sales team as they promoted the brand’s customer loyalty to key stakeholders and buyers who make the purchasing decisions at major retailers.

For this video, I acted as the producer helping navigate communication between our creative director, writer, editor, composer, voice-over talent, and client.

What my wonderful client, Brea, says about working together: 

I am always amazed by the quality of work Nicole is able to produce. Smart, resourceful, and fun to work with, I never hesitate to engage her on projects.

I’ve pulled Nicole into dozens of projects on global brands to help us gain a different perspective on our consumers’ mind-sets and unveil the less obvious engagement tactics that drive differentiation.

For Bosch—through their Dremel brand—and later SOLO Cup, Nicole has led content creation efforts, social media campaigns, commercial productions, and a variety of breakthrough artistic endeavors that frankly no agency would take on or pull off. I readily call Nicole to add a dose of authenticity and creativity to our campaigns and appreciate her patience as she jumps through the hoops of legal and procurement to ensure that our work is buttoned up contractually.

Whenever I’m struggling to align a vision with execution, I call on her to help outline what is possible, strategic, and epically engaging—and to find the right creative team to pull it off. I’m incredibly proud to say that the creative work we’ve produced together has indelibly changed brands I work on, and you can see aspects of their work still alive today—in some cases years later, long after the campaign has completed.
— Brea Keating, Director of Consumer Product Marketing at Dart Container Corporation
Nicole Delger