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Kate Ezell's  Website homepage feature . Designed On Squarespace by Squarespace pro,  Nicole Delger . 

Ezell Consulting is a Nashville, Tennessee–based consulting firm that connects their clients’ initiatives directly with decision-makers needed to make social change in our community.

Kate Ezell, the principal of Ezell Consulting, is a powerhouse in the Nashville community. Serving in a variety of capacities on boards and agencies, she is an advocate for many pressing social issues, most specifically education and community engagement.

Kate is passionate about fostering strong relationships, and she makes it a point to build friendships and partnerships at every level in Nashville’s civic community. If you are looking to create social change and community engagement, you won’t find a leader in the public or private sphere in our city that isn’t within a few degrees of Kate’s network.

The development of the site went well beyond just getting Kate up on Squarespace. We worked collaboratively to develop case studies, organize how we’d present Kate’s vast portfolio of experience and expertise, track down original creative assets for images, and refine the copywriting to attract potential partners looking to utilize Kate’s experience.

What Kate said of the experience:

What a pleasure to be able to comment about Nicole and her work.

I connected with Nicole after admiring the aesthetic of her work on another site. I reached out, we met, and I was sold on her ability to translate our conversation and my business aspirations into a simple, descriptive, and effective website.

Nicole is a creative thought- and content-creation partner. She was able to distill my vision and my business experience into organized groupings that we will continue to develop as it continues to evolve. Nicole is generous in sharing her resources. She is a focused professional whose opinion I value. She keeps the process simple,on target, and totally transparent as to process and cost. And, importantly, Nicole has a sense of humor that enabled us to enjoy the time we worked together.

There will be future projects for Ezell Consulting, and I look forward to bringing their web presence to life with Nicole’s creativity, expertise, and support.
— Kate Ezell, Ezell Consulting