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Carole Storm, the CEO of Storm Medical Billing, has been a client since 2016. Carole supports mental health professionals (therapists, psychologists) by providing outsourcing services for filing their clients' medical claims. 

This is a screen shot of a simple ad that I created for Carole.

This is a screen shot of a simple ad that I created for Carole.

I built the site in Squarespace, wrote all the copy, and sourced free stock images to use on the site.

Additionally, I crafted the outreach strategy for emailing Therapists throughout Texas to let them know about her business. I also set up LinkedIn and Facebook advertising campaigns to compliment her outreach efforts. Using a Facebook pixel, we were able to make sure any site visitors also received her ads—keeping her top-of-mind to interested clients.  

I wrote language on the site that was a simple appeal: Therapists don't enjoy the paperwork associated with billing. The call to action throughout the advertising and "cold-calling" via email emphasized that: Billing takes time away from the parts of your practice that you love. 

In addition to the copywriting and advertising, I also helped Carole improve her business operations, implementing client forms on her site. Because medical claims require HIPAA-compliant protections, we utilized a third-party site called Form Stack to make sure that sensitive information was protected. This increased Carole's efficiency so that she could continue to grow her practice and take on new clients. 

Carole said of working with me, 

I worked with Nicole on launching a new website and improving my marketing strategy. She was able to help with everything from getting images, to writing content, to designing and developing the new site. Within a month of launching the new site and implementing her marketing suggestions, I landed three new clients! What I love most about Nicole is that she stays focused on smart, simple solutions that help you grow your business step-by-step. I highly recommend her as a marketing partner you can trust!
— Carole Storm, CEO of Storm Medical Billing
Nicole Delger