Sweetwater Soul Sessions





This project included website design, strategy, and copywriting. We worked in Squarespace to create a simple, clean, easy to manage website.

Alana Sweetwater's company partners with other musicians to put on Sweetwater Soul Sessions, a weekend songwriting workshop created to help those struggling with addiction to give voice to what they think and feel through music.

Participants spend two weekends—the first writing and the second recording—sharing their stories and challenges. This powerful workshop is in conjunction with their clinical and emotional journey of recovery, offering participants another tool to aid in their recovery.

Alana's Squarespace website

What truly stood out to me about Alana’s work is the universal, time-tested power of song. It’s something humans have done for thousands of years to express their emotions. Yet it’s also a vehicle for healing that most forget is inside us.

Those Alana has worked with—especially teens and young adults—greatly benefit from these workshops. With the help of a friend of Alana’s who provided wonderful graphic designs and textures, we were able to work quickly and create a beautiful site for Alana to showcase her service and begin to take it to more treatment centers around California and throughout the U.S.

What Alana said of working with me:

To give just one highlight of working with Nicole would be impossible because the whole experience was the highlight. The first thing I noticed about her is that she really took the time to understand why my project mattered to me and what the heart of it was about. She absolutely puts herself into her work, and that is clear right off the bat. Also, she is extremely intelligent and gets to the point fast! She finished our project in lightning speed. What I estimated might take a month or two took less than two weeks. I feel lucky to have been connected to such a talented and caring person, and I am grateful to her for bringing my idea to life!
— Alana Sweetwater, Singer/Songwriter and Founder of Sweetwater Soul Sessions