The Marketing Audit

The Marketing Audit


The Marketing Audit is a four-part process with me (call, survey, meeting, and follow-up document) that will give you incredible clarity on how to manage your marketing efforts for both the short term and long-haul.  

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Disclaimers + Fine Print

Privacy Policy:

Check out my privacy policy here. Rest assured that your info and business details are safe and secure. 

Refund Policy: 

I don't offer refunds on this service. With the Marketing Audit, you're paying for my time and expertise. I have a long list of satisfied customers, so I feel confident I can add tons of great advice and direction. 


Part of the audit is booking two sessions with me. The first call is for 30 minutes and the second call (or in person meeting) is for 90 minutes. These have to be scheduled within 3 months of purchasing. After 3 months, honoring the purchase is up to my discretion. Here's why: you bought an audit, you owe it to yourself to follow through and take action to grow your business.