Spalding Way

The original illustration behind Mary's logo. Designed by Tim Delger of Studio Delger. 

The original illustration behind Mary's logo. Designed by Tim Delger of Studio Delger. 

When interior designer Mary Spalding contacted me for my services, she was weeks out from launching her blog Spalding Way. But with only a basic website up, she needed to more clearly define her brand as an interior designer, antique dealer, and lifestyle blogger. Mary had an idea of the direction she wanted to go but hadn’t articulated it fully. And, as a result, she wasn’t quite clear about the steps she needed to take to get there.

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 10.08.14 AM.png

As a brand strategist, our early work together included helping her define her target audience, write her mission and vision statements, set a calendar and plan for growing the site content, and develop copy for various sections of her website.

For Mary, whose impeccable taste is a critical part of her brand identity, having a gorgeous site aesthetic was a high priority. I brought in my husband, graphic designer Tim Delger, to create a new logo, colors, and recommendations for the website layout and fonts, making a powerful brand aesthetic throughout the site.  You can read more about the story behind Mary's logo here


As we moved forward on the blog, I also managed executional elements, such as setting up various social media properties and email newsletter software, overseeing the vendor developing the online store, and creating internal systems to support collaboration like Google Drive and Dropbox.

The wildly talented designer and visionary, Mary Spalding, pictured at her home. Photo Credit: Amber and Josh Ulmer.

The wildly talented designer and visionary, Mary Spalding, pictured at her home. Photo Credit: Amber and Josh Ulmer.

We set a clear direction so that Mary could begin to explore how she would turn her once brick-and-mortar store—Spalding Antiques—into a lifestyle destination that included her online store and lifestyle content, Spalding Way.  

Today, Mary’s blog is thriving with dedicated fans, entertaining stories, and gorgeous products.  Moving out of a leadership role during Mary’s launch and growth mode, I am now a critical support player on her team. I help Mary with content ideas, oversee any kind of technical needs and requests (from our talented development partner, Nashville Geek), and I’m her on-call “gut check” when Mary is exploring new ideas and partnerships.

Mary has been a wonderful client, eager to grow, learn, and challenge herself to get out of her comfort zone. Learn more at

Storm Medical Billing

Carole Storm, the CEO of Storm Medical Billing, has been a client since 2016. Carole supports mental health professionals (therapists, psychologists) by providing outsourcing services for filing their clients' medical claims. 

This is a screen shot of a simple ad that I created for Carole.

This is a screen shot of a simple ad that I created for Carole.

I built the site in SquareSpace, wrote all the copy, and sourced free stock images to use on the site.

Additionally, I crafted the outreach strategy for emailing Therapists throughout Texas to let them know about her business. I also set up LinkedIn and Facebook advertising campaigns to compliment her outreach efforts. Using a Facebook pixel, we were able to make sure any site visitors also received her ads—keeping her top-of-mind to interested clients.  

I wrote language on the site that was a simple appeal: Therapists don't enjoy the paperwork associated with billing. The call to action throughout the advertising and "cold-calling" via email emphasized that: Billing takes time away from the parts of your practice that you love. 

In addition to the copywriting and advertising, I also helped Carole improve her business operations, implementing client forms on her site. Because medical claims require HIPAA-compliant protections, we utilized a third-party site called Form Stack to make sure that sensitive information was protected. This increased Carole's efficiency so that she could continue to grow her practice and take on new clients. 

Carole said of working with me, 

I worked with Nicole on launching a new website and improving my marketing strategy. She was able to help with everything from getting images, to writing content, to designing and developing the new site. Within a month of launching the new site and implementing her marketing suggestions, I landed three new clients! What I love most about Nicole is that she stays focused on smart, simple solutions that help you grow your business step-by-step. I highly recommend her as a marketing partner you can trust!
— Carole Storm, CEO of Storm Medical Billing

Dr. Jami Grich

Working with Dr. Jami Grich was one of my largest projects to date. Working with my husband, Tim, we created an entirely new brand identity including a new logo, fonts, colors, tagline, business cards, brochures, and website. 

The custom-designed site was built on WordPress, as that offered an alternative to SquareSpace that allowed for more customization. On the site itself, we wanted to include in-depth information about receiving services from Jami (which includes private therapy, workshops, and various methodologies), while also not overwhelming a potential client learning about her for the first time. 

As a result, you see a clean site that is still packed with helpful information for her clients. The site’s layout also allows us to easily build temporary pages—such as workshop sign-ups—to support Jami’s thriving practice. 

Jami's logo and tagline

Jami's logo and tagline

Iconic imagery from the site

Iconic imagery from the site

Nicole worked with me to create a brand that truly reflected me and my work. First, she talked with me in depth about what I’m passionate about and what makes my work different, and from there we created a theme that was reflected in my logo, my tagline, and on my website and printed marketing materials.

For me, as a couples therapist, it was about teaching couples both passion and my logo has roses (passion) and an olive branch (peace), and my tagline is Keep the Passion, Find Your Peace. This summarizes my work in a way I could never have come up with!

Nicole had me create a Pinterest board so she could see what styles and colors felt right to me, and my logo even incorporated the idea that I wanted to present myself as both easily accessible, warm, open, and highly professional/educated with my first name in casual script and my last name/credentials in block letters...brilliant! The logo was developed by her husband, which was great because Nicole managed the whole project and brought in and managed additional people in when needed, each with their own expertise.

She was great with regard to the money, always letting me know where my money was spent and checking in with me before proceeding. She also worked at my pace, making things happen quickly when I needed that, and being patient with me when I disappeared for long stretches of time. She’s super easy to work with & highly professional. Five stars!
— Jami Grich, PhD

Claire McKeever-Burgett, PastorPoet is home to wedding officiant Claire McKeever-Burgett. 

Working together to set her marketing priorities and brand message, we developed this simple SquareSpace website to help her launch her new business. 

My role as both a consultant and service provider was creating the site, sourcing images, writing copy, setting it live on her URL, and creating a custom business email. Additionally, we created business cards to match the look and feel of her site. 

Said Claire of working with me:

"Nicole hit the ground running after just one meeting and produced exactly what I wanted-a beautiful, inviting, and creative site for my professional needs. Working with her is a creative, fun, and enlightening experience."

Dr. Conrad Sichler

Dr. Conrad Sichler is a family physician, GP-psychotherapist, addiction medicine physician, mindfulness teacher, hypnotist, Sundancer, Medicine Wheel teacher,  and practitioner of integrative medicine. 

With such a vast list of talents, interests, and services for his clients, Conrad needed a site that was able to offer a vast amount of information in a seamless, easy to navigate way. 

We worked together to map out a clean site to help build his personal brand and promote his private practice. 

Conrad said of working with me:

Nicole was a pleasure to work with. She was always positive in her responses, and would get back to me promptly. When she was going to be unavailable for a number of days, she was accountable and would communicate this clearly. Her approach to the work was very organized and clear, and her plan was well-laid out from the start to the finish of our project. She has an excellent sense of design, and I am very pleased with how my website turned out. I get nothing but compliments about it from everyone who visits it! She was also committed to training me on the maintenance of the site and helped me to build my own skill via handy video tutorials. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with web design. A professional throughout the process.
— Dr. Conrad Sichler

Students of the World

Students of the World is a national network of university students and creative professionals who produce media for good. As an in-house freelancer in their San Francisco office, I managed campaigns, provided executive communications support, and wrote case studies and web copy. Clients including Pivot TV and the Robin McGraw Foundation, as well as special productions featuring SOW leadership for

I also supported SOW executives as they launched a for-profit arm of their company, the CSpence Group providing input in strategic planning as well as helping with executive communications and writing.

Roadhouse Relics

Todd Sanders is one of the most influential artists in Austin, TX, having worked with clients that include Willie Nelson, Shepard Fairey, and the Kings of Leon (to name a few).

Working on a variety of projects and films, each collaboration with Todd feels like an explosion of creative happiness. 



Brand Book

Todd asked me to produce this brand book that featured his 20-year history in Austin and collection of extraordinary works. Writer, producer, and genuine fan, working alongside Tim Delger as the designer, it's one of my most cherished projects to date. 

Street Sign Furniture Collection

Acting as the producer, sales rep, and publicist, this collection of Street Sign Furniture by Tim Delger included 25 original works. It received coverage in countless publications including Juxtapose, Nylon Magazine, and NotCot. It was sold on with no plans for future collections.

Launching this home goods collection taught us many lessons, but the biggest one is think twice before you start a line of furniture and store it in your 1,000-sq.-ft. house during the first year of your marriage. 

Dremel - Why I Make

The Why I Make film series was a collaboration between Studio Delger and Dremel North America. 

I was the executive producer as well as account service lead for this large-scale production. I'm proud to share that the first film features both the creative director for the series as well as my husband, Tim. See more of the creative elements from Tim's story here

Tim Delger

Hanro Studios

Of Black Springs Folk Art

Nervous System

Brand Strong

Brand Strong is a business training program that I co-founded along with the exceptionally talented business coach, Nina Kaufman. We created a program that helps business owners combine their heart and vision with advanced skills to run their business.

From curriculum writing, to strategy, to production, to marketing, to web design, and all things in between, I couldn't be more proud of the role I've played bringing this great program to life. 

Free Eric Volz

In November 2006 I led the online effort to “Free Eric V”, a young man wrongfully imprisoned in Nicaragua. His case received coverage on NPR, The Today Show, Anderson Cooper, Primetime Live, and in People Magazine.

By keeping the online community engaged through news updates and messages directly from Eric and his family, the case became a movement with thousands of supporters around the world. It was an emotional year-long journey that ended in December of 2007 with Eric’s release. He tells his story in the book, Gringo Nightmare, published in April 2010.

My work on the case earned two awards – OMMA Magazine’s “Rising Star” and Austin Ad Fed’s “Up and Comer” of 2007.

Eric, who went on to become a prominent speaker, leader, and consultant in the wrongful imprisonment community, officially founded The David House Agency in 2011. Supporting the team that launched the agency, I was able to apply my experience, strategic thinking, and communications skills to serve others facing wrongful imprisonment abroad.