The Delger Family! 

I am Nicole Delger. I’m self-employed and have a communications and marketing company. My husband Tim is a Creative Director (art director) at Bohan, an ad agency here in town. ( and gives you an idea of our professional lives). We have two precious little girls, June and Roxy.

I need help making my home office look great!

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 12.51.49 PM.png


Our backstory: 

When we bought our house 2.5 years ago it needed some cosmetic love. My husband has done an awesome job going room by room building closets, shelves, painting, and making the most of the space (and you should see the dreamy jungle gym he made in the backyard!). 

But, we’ve hit a big slump in our upstairs… My husband is so creative when it comes to making space and carpentry. But I am so the problem because I just can’t figure out how to use it. He calls me “Hurricane Nicole.” 




Hot Mess office #1

So much space... so many little tiny objects. 


Hot Mess #3

Ughhhh. Lots of files with no proper storage system


Hot Mess office #2

Yes. There's a crib. 


Hot Mess #4

um, yes. That's a Mattress on it's side. This back nook has lots of office supplies with no good systems. 

My goals: 

My intention is to set up as a home office for my business. I’d love for Clea and Joanna to help me make this a usable office. Roxy only has a few more months before we’ll move her out of that space. 

There’s plenty of space to put things, I just need some professional help organizing it in a way that will work for the long haul. (My bad habits of putting things back where they go… well… that’s a different episode, right?!)

I want to make this a space I look forward to using one day instead of a door I just want to shut and forget exists! 


Description of the space:

Upstairs there’s a large room (playroom) and a small room (home office). This was a converted attic, but open enough to use as rooms. There’s some built-ins in the big room my husband has done (they are relatively empty) and a great storage space behind them (hot mess, needs love). 

But I think the small room would be the featured space. It’s a hot mess with so much potential! It’s become the dreaded “catch all” room. Right now there’s office supplies, a mattress and box spring we pull out when guests come over, and the worst of it all - that’s where our 1.5 year old Roxy now sleeps because we have to separate the girls in different rooms! Ah!!! I’d love to organize the space. I’m so mortified when I show a new babysitter where our little Roxy sleeps!! 

Thanks for your consideration!