Website Design Services 

Do you want a clean, easy-to-navigate business website that you can update and manage yourself? I specialize in getting my customers started in Squarespace and helping them create beautiful sites in often as little time as a few days.

Ugly, clunky websites just don’t cut it anymore! Update your look with bold graphics, mobile-responsive design, and easy drag-and-drop pages.

Your Website Can Do More

A great website will help you solve these critical marketing needs:

  • Share basic business information: Help clients get to know you, answer their questions, and share your story as a business owner. 

  • Attract more customers: Connect with those who are actively seeking your services and show them that you’re a modern, forward-thinking business that values having an easy-to-navigate site. 

  • Be more efficient: Create efficiencies in your business by putting things like client forms and FAQ in one place that clients can easily access.

  • Convert leads: Have a place for your service listings, customer testimonials, and/or portfolio so those browsing will know how they can work with you.

  • Build your business: Over time, as you need new information shared with clients and customers, you have a simple website where you can add new pages and information.

Get a Quote

Here’s what’s covered in my quote:

  • Costs of development: Squarespace offers turnkey sites based on a variety of templates. This saves you thousands of dollars on developer fees. That said, the site still needs to be designed—crafting your look within their program. I help you build the site out so that all you have to worry about is the small changes and ongoing updates that you have moving forward.

  • Costs of content gathering: I will craft a site map, write all the copy, and pull together the images you’ll need on the site.

  • Costs of training and ongoing maintenance: I’ll take the time to teach you how to update the site, including video tutorials so that you can watch them again and again. I also provide ongoing maintenance, adding pages or changing copy as needs come up in your business.

  • Costs of proofreading and QA: We can’t send you out into the world with typos and broken links! I make sure my work is fully polished by bringing in an expert proofreader who combs the site content to catch any pesky errors that may be hiding.

  • Costs of hosting, URL, and/or Email Services: Hosting on Squarespace starts at $160 annually for a basic site and can range upwards of $500 for a site that has advanced features and functionality (like an online store). Email packages and URL can range from $60+ annually. These costs are billed annually via Squarespace (or your URL/email provider) and connected to your business credit card. While I do not bill you for this, I will help you set up this critical step.  

Costs not included in my quote:

  • Costs of photography, videography, or other creative assets: If you want to have photos of yourself or your team as part of the look and feel of the site, you'll need to budget for professional headshots. If you want to add stock images or other visual assets such as illustrations or icons, this could generate additional costs to the budget. We can talk about these additional costs upon getting started and decide the right path for you.

  • Costs of additional online marketing: This includes things like Google Adwords campaigns, profiles setup on select business sites (Thumbtack, Yelp, Google+, Facebook, etc.), email list building, and blog content development.

Check out some of the sites I’ve created for clients just like you. 


You've read this far. It's only natural to be curious about costs. After having a few conversations to learn more and completing a quote request online, I will send along a formal proposal, including an estimated fee based on your needs. You pay a percentage of that as a deposit to start work. After that, I invoice you based on a project rate.

I encourage you to request a custom quote to get an accurate idea of what your fees will be, but to give you a range of what to expect: services start at $1,500 - $2,500 for very basic sites and can go upwards from there, depending on your specific needs (logo, branding, copywriting, etc.).

Happy Customers

You're going to love your new site. In fact, check out these testimonials from happy customers! 

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